The Blog According to Mathew

First things first, I am Mathew. I am not quite sure who misspelled this name. Actually, I do not completely agree that this is even a misspelling. A simple Google search revealed that there are hundreds if not thousands out there whose parents have dropped the extra “T” in their names. It can still be tough. I encountered several instances in which I had problem receiving payments or validating my identity. Do not even get me started with forms and applications. They are bane of my existence.

On the brighter side of things, I believe we all need a little inconvenience because it can remind us the inevitability of mishaps. As the proverbial goes, do not stress the small stuff. Amazing how a single letter can make a difference.

Anyway, According to Mathew is a personal blog that attempts to cover several topics that in one way or another, have impacted me. These topics include sociopolitical rants, personal qualms, reviews, and random posts.

As a disclaimer, I am not that much of a wordsmith and there are times that I loathe writing. Most of the time nonetheless, I feel like jotting down my thoughts and feelings just to give them a semblance of permanence.

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