03 June 2011

Wedding day in Bataan: It's been awhile

Six years ago, I crossed path with Ermil during our freshmen year as Communication Arts students at Letran College. We became close friends during and even past our undergrad years, after all, we have been part of the so-called, self-proclaimed Arriba Hot Men faction. Life was easy that time. Like any other college students, we were carefree though we lived by routines, worrying only about the need to get up early to avoid being late at class. We were mandated young individuals living in conformity. Fast forward to the timeline of history, I found myself inside the church at Limay, Bataan as one of the groom’s men of Ermil. “It’s been awhile,” that’s what I have thought.

Throughout the years of knowing Ermil, I came into conclusion that this guy was not the type who would use his time chasing girls and talking about them over bottles of beer. He tends to set his eyes on finding real romance and prefers wholesome conversations unlike some of our friends. Maybe he is just this hopeless romantic guy, after all, he is your typical Filipino gentleman. Nonetheless, I thought that it would take some time before he ventured into a relationship. Perhaps, it wasn’t even part of his priorities. He seemed quite picky too since he never talked about dating or courting someone during our freshmen and sophomore years at Letran. Some time during our junior year, however, he begun talking about this girl who was introduced to him by a relative. Later, he finally introduced us to Avnz, his girlfriend during then.

It was evening of March 26 when Ermil announced through his Twitter account that he is going to be a father. He furthered out that Avnz was already six weeks pregnant. That news came as a surprise to everyone and soon, we tweeted him with our greetings. But this couple have the knack of surprising us. Sometimes around April, the two made another big announcement – they were about to get married.

Everything happened fast. And yes, they were able to set a wedding within a month’s time. I must say, it’s quite a feat considering how most couples tend to apportion a considerable amount of time for wedding preparations. More importantly, however, I was amazed by the fact that both of them were about to take a step further into their lives and embrace added responsibilities. With just a snap of a finger, the two decided to change their lives.

Inside the church at Limay on May 28, following the procession of the wedding entourage, a rendition of Train’s “Marry Me” played at the background. A young lady garbed in her wedding gown emerged from the church’s main door and walked her way into the center aisle. For a moment there, I thought I was staring at Sarah Michelle Gellar. Of course, it was no less than Avnz. On the other end of the aisle near the altar was Ermil awaiting for his bride. Certainly, like any other wedding ceremonies, the moving part was when both the bride and groom shed a few tears upon realizing that indeed, they were about to exchange bows and finally tie the knot that day.

The rest of the day went pretty well save for the remnants of typhoon Chedeng who gate-crashed the event. For Ermil and Avnz, that day marked a new beginning in their lives. Of course, as couples, they will be tied with duties that nonetheless will make life to look like as if it is being mandated by routines and socially-imposed obligations – quite the same from the situation of life when we were college brats. As such, it cannot be helped but to re-consider the purpose of marriage.

There is something about weddings that never fails to captivate romantics alike. Sure, some if not all will say that marriage is just another phase and that there are more things that are to transpire in any relationships. Any couples, granted that legal requirements are met, can fill up those forms, sign a marriage contract, legally bind their partnership, and formally start a family. These are the primary purpose and denotations of marriage as far as the aspect of societal norms is concerned. But of course, it is when we ascribe the words “wedding ceremony” to the act of getting married that we get a profound meaning that connotes the human aspect of partnership. Such ceremony is a heartfelt declaration and celebration of love nonetheless. It is in this practice that the couples are able to profess their commitment as lifelong partners in front of those individuals whom are dear to them.

What made attending Ermil and Avnz wedding particular? Six years ago, all of us were quite ignorant about the responsibilities that we would face. Our fickle minds were only capable of savoring the superficial, the apparent, and the floating denotations of life. Past the youthful ignorance and as we all embrace adulthood, we are confronted by the fact that we have been welcomed by newfound responsibilities and aspirations. There is something about tying the knot that strikes me in awe. It speaks of being one of those few drops of water that makes me realize that life is not just a mere interplay of chemical reactions at molecular level. Life is more than this. Just like wedding ceremonies, it is an everyday celebration of growth, of love, and of future desires. It’s been awhile indeed.

Best wishes and God bless to both Ermil and Avnz!


Donovan,  January 12, 2012 at 8:53 PM  

God, this is so beautiful. I was teary eyed and I read through this post. Bless you Mathew, you've got a knack for writing. :)

Matt Matt Emmanuel January 14, 2012 at 1:03 AM  

Oi thanks DONOVAN! BTW, addressing me in my first name seems weird. Formal-ish-ish. LOL. :)