14 January 2011

Light outside the Comfort Zone

Walking ‘round the four corners of this prison-like room that used to bring comfort, contentment, and security, there was none but traces of ill-fated memories. Someone intruded. Someone broke in. It had become too uncomfortable that the only thing to do was to step out. Like a room set on fire, the situation drove the dweller away. Still, outside was as discomforting. Lost, bewildered, and terrified, who knew what the harsh reality had in store? Like walking along a dimly lit street, there was nothing to do but to keep on moving.

It was that comfort zone. That abstract spot within the mind’s framework that keeps anxiety-provoking behaviors at bay at the expense of not taking risks. It was the blueprint of daily living; that unconsciously designed state of mind responsible for orchestrated thoughts and actions.

Outside and without it, the dweller traversed along the streets, the alleyways, and the paths that seem to lead nowhere. The night sky seemed conducive however. The moonbeam along with the glimmering stars provided hope. It was that hope for the darkening world. Then it became clear: It was only in darkness that one would seek for light.

Light; for god-knows-how-long, has provided life. Hope, faith, and love…how would they exist without it? The mere thought of a rainbow after a downpour is enough to wait until the storm passed. The mere anticipation for sunrise past the dawn is enough to get by through the chilling lonesome night.

As Venus became evident from the heavens, the dweller thought that at long last, he’ll have a clearer perspective. Then he stopped walking, fell down on his knees, clasped his hands, bowed his head, closed his eyes, and prayed:
Oh Lucifer’s sight
I feel saved under your light
Now that I’m ready for flight
It’s time to end this plight

Oh Sophia’s embrace
I feel saved under your grace
Gone are the lonesome days
Of trapped soul because of my ways

Oh Immanuel’s presence
I now realize life’s essence
As everything makes sense
So the purpose of this existence

Now that I am finally out
I’m now able to shout
Without any hints of doubt
My Lord would hear me out

The man ended his prayer. With a renewed sense of faith, the dweller became the observer. He looked around, then continued walking as he carried out that beam in his face.

The shadows of yesterday and the memories from the dark, it seemed that they didn’t matter anymore. Who knew where the road would lead him? All he had in mind is that he had seen the light after being forcefully drawn out from his solitary confinement. He’ll follow that light until he reaches his God-given destiny.


Marlone Viardo January 28, 2011 at 12:31 PM  

Interesting read. What form of literature is this again? I think I need to go visit Mr. Fajarito and Dr. Montano and get a refresher course on lit.

Matt Matt Emmanuel February 1, 2011 at 11:30 AM  

wow the great Marlon Viardo, aka Boy Ethics, visited my blog! haha

Di ko alam kung anong klaseng lit ito. haha. pa-uso ko lang. personal essay/reflection kasi dapat ito, based sa recent experience at realization ko, eh inartehan ko lang...