19 February 2010

Farewell MTV Pilipinas

It was more than the usual music video channel, it was a lifestyle; a way of life for youngsters alike. But on February 15, the life that was called MTV Pilipinas faded out to color bars.

“Oh them,” said Wendell Garcia, then marketing executive of MTV Pilipinas, when asked about their difference to other music channel. “We don’t put words into our videos.” He was of course referring to the local music video channel.

MTV Pilipinas sprouted out from MTV Asia after the former failed to break in the ever-diverse Asian market. Asians apparently maintain a high regard for self-identity and they don’t want stuff coming from different neighboring countries to be shown on their TV sets. The fall of MTV Asia became the rise of MTV Pilipinas. It was in 2007 when the TV station made a major revamp capitalizing on the need to localize its content. Thus, MTV Pilipinas became a global brand that acted locally while providing viewers with fresh programming – from music, fashion, lifestyle, sports, trends and who would had thought, even politics!

As MTV Pilipinas soared in to the airwaves, the youth flew in ecstasy.

The station primarily catered to viewers from ages 14 to 24. But marketers found out that a second and third market existed. The second market was composed of viewers from age bracket 24-40. They were young professionals who watch videos from recent artists, as well as those coming from the not-so-distant past. The third market consisted of viewers ages 40-60; they are the oldies who still want to keep in touch with the music scene. Overall, Garcia said that they were able to satisfy these three markets very well.

How did they handle this? Garcia said their strategy is somehow “outrageous”. They just kept on trying things, adding programs to the channel, and reaching to the viewers in a different but exciting way. They managed to capture these audiences because all of them were passionate about music and entertainment. He added, “We do things for different segments, we do not alienate anyone.”

MTV Pilipinas was known for events that became the talks-of-the-town. They were well known because of the way they engaged the audience. It was not just simple events that they staged or a simple promotional tactics they delivered; rather they provided real entertainment. It was called the 360 degree strategy – reaching the audience through Internet, TV, and even on cell-phones; hence, crossing multiple platforms.

But it wasn’t all good times for the TV station. Who would forget the various TV frequencies that served as MTV Pilipinas’ abode? It started in Studio 23, and then it moved to IBC 13, then in to Channel 41 until it found its home being a TV channel accessible through cable subscription. Nevertheless, MTV Pilipinas became household name that opened not just the ears of the youngsters, but also their eyes. It was the world of music and music videos after all. The TV station contributed to the flourishing of the music industry in the country. It brought international music in to the local scene, and in the same light, local music had been accessible to the outside world because of MTV Pilipinas’ connection with its international affiliates. Rock bands such as Greyhounds and pop singers such as Regine Velasquez shared the stage with other equally talented Asian artists. The Asian neighbors heard Velasquez belting out a rock version of her “Sa Aking Pag-iisa” accompanied by music and vocals from Greyhounds. It was one of MTV Pilipinas’ numerous feats.

But come to think of it, MTV Pilipinas wasn’t about music and music videos alone; they broadcasted pro-social causes as well. They also stage events such as AIDS awareness and campaigns against human trafficking. The goal of these pro-social causes was for the youth to be aware. Apart from bringing music and entertainment, MTV took part in shaping the society by educating their viewers.

The demise of MTV Pilipinas was sudden; the viewers didn’t see it coming. Still, all great things come to an end as they say. To MTV Pilipinas, you served well and you did great, it’s time for you to rest. Farewell!


Soul_Knight February 23, 2010 at 8:37 AM  

seriously, when youtube came into the light mtv kinda vanished - why wait when you can see what your looking for pronto? but yeah, it made me sad, MTV has been a big part of my growing up days, they made me gayer than gay too. lol. will miss ya mtv (logging in to youtube for an instant replay of mtv shows)

Kapamilya,  February 24, 2010 at 1:04 PM  

may myx naman daw! hehe natalo sila ng myx