01 September 2012

Jesse Robredo: The Silent Killer

“It used to be about trying to do something; now, it is about trying to be someone.” Thus, said Meryl Streep as she portrays the character of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 film The Iron Lady.


03 June 2011

Wedding day in Bataan: It's been awhile

Six years ago, I crossed path with Ermil during our freshmen year as Communication Arts students at Letran College. We became close friends during and even past our undergrad years, after all, we have been part of the so-called, self-proclaimed Arriba Hot Men faction. Life was easy that time. Like any other college students, we were carefree though we lived by routines, worrying only about the need to get up early to avoid being late at class. We were mandated young individuals living in conformity. Fast forward to the timeline of history, I found myself inside the church at Limay, Bataan as one of the groom’s men of Ermil. “It’s been awhile,” that’s what I have thought.


14 February 2011

STILL single and hopeful in the month of love

I rested my fate into the hands of time. Only time can tell as the proverbial goes. And so, I handed my heart on a silver platter, unknown whether it would be accepted with gusto. The time finally comes after almost a year of waiting. Too bad I am feeling indifferent now.